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(313) 338-8005

Contact US 

(313) 338-8005

With services including:

  • Facilities protection
  • Threat assessments
  • Responsibility for day-to-day operations of security operations
  • Campus security and facilities protection
  • Parking security
  • Student safety and security education/awareness
  • Theft prevention and investigation
  • Emergency/storm/unusual event response
  • Student escorts and personal protection



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Educational Facilities


We understand that educational facilities face the unique challenge of creating a balance between an open and free learning environment while preserving the safety of all students, faculty and staff. Vital to the safety of educational facilities is heightened security awareness, developed into a site-specific operational plan. Our tailor-made plans will address your particular vulnerabilities, sensitive areas, security inefficiencies, and general operations by working closely with your security directors. When it comes to the safety of your students and staff, Camouflage will work tirelessly to eliminate any security threats.


Camouflage offers access control technologies, roving patrol, perimeter control, weapon detection, emergency protocols and student escorting throughout the campus parking areas. All of these preventative measures are designed to ensure faculty, staff and student peace of mind. 


Camouflage Security believes that there is a direct correlation between training standards and service quality. Therefore Camouflage’s training is led by their own in house Security specialists with years of experience with a modernized curriculum. Camouflage officers are specifically trained to detect and prevent potential threats to critical facilities with advanced surveillance techniques and criminal activity detection, terrorism awareness, and emergency preparedness. To protect the interest of daily educational operations, Camouflage’s training emphasizes sensitivity training and effective report writing. Additionally, our officers possess CPR/AED Heart saver certification, first-class hospitality inspired etiquette and exceptional communication skills for effective personal interaction. When a guard graduates from our training, we know they are well prepared to handle any situation.