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Your Safety Is Our Business



Camouflage Security is highly regarded in the industry as a unique security provider that has developed a formula to effectively address the particular concerns of residential communities. Camouflage identifies critical security needs for gated communities, luxury high-rise condominiums and Home Owners Associations and offers custom security solutions from access control to concierge and valet services.
Camouflage Security stands out by offering an integrated approach to security by combining big-company resources with the heart of a small business. Camouflage’s hands-on management, highly trained officers and advanced technology is tailored specifically for each facility.

Camouflage Security believes that there is a direct correlation between training standards and service quality. Therefore Camouflage’s training is led by their own in house Security specialists with years of experience with a modernized curriculum.


Camouflage officers are specifically trained to detect and prevent potential threats to critical facilities with advanced surveillance
techniques and criminal activity detection, terrorism awareness, and emergency preparedness. To protect the interests of daily operations, the Camouflage training emphasizes report writings and conflict resolution. Additionally, our officers possess CPR/AED Heartsaver certification, first-class hospitality inspired etiquette and exceptional communication skills for effective personal

Camouflage Security’s innovative approach to total security solutions integrates the most advanced technologies with our unparalleled expertise to minimize risks and maximize resource allocation. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and sharing the rewards of a prosperous lifestyle.


Always present even when you don’t see us!

Vacation Home Watch Services

Now, you can vacation or leave your home unattended with peace of mind.

Camouflage Security provides Home Watch Services to homeowners who need someone with experience that they can trust to perform house checks while the homeowner is vacationing or away for extended periods of time.


We provide a detailed and comprehensive property inspection to give you peace of mind while you’re away. Please contact us and request information. If we find anything that is out of the ordinary, we will contact you immediately.


Exterior House Check Services start at $35 per visit for homes up to 2500 square feet. This service includes:

  • Full inspection of property exterior. Newspaper, junk mail, and leaflet removal.

  • Inspect all doors, windows, and all exterior structures.

  • Garage inspection. Check hot tubs and pools.

  • Erosion and water damage checks.

  • Check for signs of rodents and insects.

Interior House Checks ($45 per visit) A complete interior home check as well as an exterior property check is included in this service.

  • Check security systems is operational.
  • Inspect basement for leaks, and check all water fixtures. 
  • Check for water leaks at windows, doors and ceiling. 
  • Monitor interior humidity and temperature levels. 
  • Run water in all showers, sinks, and tubs, and flush toilets. 
  • Check if freezer and refrigerator are working properly. 
  • Check circuit breaker are set, per instructions. 
  • Check water heater and utility rooms for abnormality. 
  • Check for obvious signs of mold or mildew. 
  • Ensure curtains and blinds are closed.

A detailed report will be completed each visit; property owners will be contacted in the event of an issue. Other Unique Services

  • Water your plants.
  • ​Run garaged or parked automobiles.
  • Meet with hired contractors during your absence.
  • Organize house cleaning service upon your departure and prior to your return.​​