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TV / Film Production Security

Camouflage Security provides trustworthy, reliable security guards to protect and secure movie and television filming locations anywhere in the surrounding Detroit Metropolitan Area. We custom design our security strategies to meet your specific security needs and budget whenever you need to film on set or "on location." With our exceptional guard services and highly competitive rates, you won't find a better value for TV/film production security than Camouflage Security.

Our security services are designed to secure your filming location, and protect your cast, crew, and equipment. Location shooting offers its own unique threats and risks, so we design patrol tours, standing guard placement, and post order duties to maximize our surveillance and minimize opportunities for theft, trespassing, vandalism, disturbances, and other unwanted activity. Our guards are all trained in patrol, alarm response, fire watch, crowd management, access control, compelling obedience, parking enforcement, observe and report, public relations, communications, and emergency situations. When needed, we can supply guards who are certified in CPR/first aid, firearms, batons, and/or pepper spray. With every assignment, we thoroughly brief our supervisors and assigned guards on your expectations and post order duties, and follow-up with our on-site guards through unscheduled, regular visits.

Camouflage Security serves TV and film production companies of all sizes. Our team is dedicated to offering high quality services with exceptional customer care. All of our guards have cleared a labor-intensive hiring process that includes several interviews, personal reference checks, background checks, drug testing, and a series of security training tests. They are all and ready to be dispatched to any filming location in the surrounding Detroit Metropolitan Area. 


Our Security Services for Television and Film Production Sites Can Include:

  • Security Planning
  • VIP Escorts​                                             
  • Fire Watch    
  • Alarm Response
  • Traffic Direction
  • Crowd Control   

  • Access Control
  • Bag and Belonging Search    
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Foot/Vehicle Mobile Patrols
  • Armed or Unarmed Officers