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We offer video and digital surveillance for just about any reason including, Domestic Relations, Infidelity Checks, Insurance/ Worker Compensation Cases, Personal Welfare Checks, and Fraud Investigations. Our surveillance skills are adjustable to every type of investigation. We offer written reports, digital photography, and DVD recordings of the surveillance.  We pride ourselves on our ability to document the comings and goings of the subject with the assumption that the evidence may or may not be used in a legal proceeding. 

We specialize in domestic investigations, child custody issues, court ordered custody failures, parenting plans, domestic partners, parental interference, and other issues relating to family matters or domestic problems and insecurities. 

We can also determine if your family members are being exposed to individuals who have drug-related problems or life styles that could threaten your family members.  Infidelity, Cheating Spouses, Marital Separation, Divorce, Check
out Spouse, Due Diligence for Marriage Spousal infidelity and checking the faithfulness of a domestic partner can be difficult for the individual who needs to know. We can discreetly check to see if such a situation exists and
document the facts for you. Why invest time, worry, and money in a relationship that you are uncertain about. It makes sense to know before, rather than latter.

Place of Employment Locating the place of employment can be frustrating and unreliable when using databases that have old and inaccurate information. The best method is to follow the individual to the work location. This is
especially important in child support or alimony cases where the subject is being evasive about where they work or in situations where the subject is being paid under the table. We have used this method on many occasions and find it
the most successfully method. It's more time consuming but much more reliable.
Insurance Fraud, SUI, Worker Compensation Cases, False Claims Worker compensation cases and insurance related issues can be time consuming both for the insurer and the insured. Documenting a claim is not difficult if you have the experience and know the subject. Most claims investigators don't take the time to understand the habits and personality of the subject. We take the time to understand the subject because we know that the more we know about the individual, the more likely we are able to prove or disprove the validity of a claim.

We can assist you with Interviews & Statements, Auto Claims, Accident Claims, Property Claims, Injury Claims, Product Liability Claims, Theft Investigations, Disability Claims, Internal Fraud, Employee Theft, Life Insurance Claims, and
Security Services.

Fraud, Theft, Internet Fraud, Identity Theft, Business Fraud Fraud at any level, if unchecked will lead to greater loss. The loss is not just monetary, but it can also leads to distrust and other behaviors that are unproductive. Fraud prevention is the best approach, but lacking that, we may be able to assist you in investigating your situation and coming up with a
solution or answer to your concerns.


$65 per hour plus mileage at .55 per mile, or $400 per day (8 hrs). Domestic relations surveillance, fraud and insurance surveillance, and infidelity checks. Includes standard photography, digital photography, digital video (HD, DV, Hi-8, or DVD), background investigation of the subject, and detail reports of all events. We require a minimum advance retainer payment of $400 prior to starting all surveillance assignments (approximately 5 hours of surveillance). Authorization required prior to exceeding initial retainer amount.


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