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Virtual Guard Services

Camouflage monitor and protect 24/7/365 days a year at our state of the art command center.  With our Hi-Tech technology, we won’t miss a thing, ensuring zero tolerance security for your facility.

Security Service include

Auto Dealerships

The primary concern of most auto dealerships is theft. Auto dealerships have large quantities of high-value merchandise on hand at all times. This merchandise must be protected both from complete theft and from damage or vandalism. Loss of merchandise, or the loss of a sale because merchandise is damaged, is unacceptable in the modern age of security. In addition to helping prevent theft and vandalism of merchandize, Camouflage can help protect the property perimeter, parking lots, access points, buildings, and showrooms as well.

Storage Facility

Every storage facility is a potential target for predators to prey on. Camouflage can provide the perfect virtual perimeter protection that will prevent security breaches before they even occur.


Warehouse facilities are often quiet and inactive after business hours. This is when intruders can steal or damage property.

Camouflage Virtual Guard Services provides affordable security solutions to protect your warehouse from break-ins, vandals and other trespassers. Our system is far less expensive than a live security guard, and we provide much better protection for your property.

School Security Systems

Camouflage Security is committed to making schools and campuses a safe and secure environment for its students and faculty. By establishing a flexible, customizable, and vast security system Camouflage can effectively monitor any campuses of all sizes and terrain to ensure maximum deterrence of crime throughout the premises.