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​We Make Your Security Our Business

It is our mission to help you feel comfortable and secure while you are away from home so that your

travel  destinations will be comprised of relaxation, peace of mind, and interesting experiences.

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Contact US 

(313) 338-8005

​​Camouflage elite team of bodyguards for personal protection is an options that's available if a threat has emerge.

We can provide a strong 24 hours services if the situation demands it. We work close with all the law authorities to keep a good relationship for any co-operation. All our services derive from a risk analysis which in turn determines how the protection is exercised around the client. The protection can be dormant and thus be activated if the need arise. 

Camouflage’s Executive Protection team for personal protection has eminent experience of protecting celebrities, VIPs and representatives from commercial and industrial life and other organizations. In order For Camouflage to undertake the service of protecting private persons, a contract must be formed between the parties. In the contract, we closely examine which rules and conditions that must be followed for us to be able to provide the service. Camouflage must have access to all information about the threat in advance to be able to consider the circumstances at hand and make sure that these are legitimate.


Always present even when you don’t see us!

Corporate Executives & Top Management

Bodyguard Services 

Because of the climate in today’s world, Corporate America finds itself at risk as Executives conduct everyday business negotiations, attend events, and make public appearances.

Personal Protection has become a high priority that corporations routinely include in budget planning. Protecting Top Corporate Leadership has changed from a luxury to a necessity.  Camouflage offers a professional, seamless, and discrete presence.


Contractors & Employees Abroad

Bodyguard Services

Employees are your greatest asset. Protection services are now being used by the vast majority of civilian service contractors abroad. Camouflage is dedicated to protect your contractors and employees in hostile areas of the world in a discreet, comfortable, and work-conducive manner. It is well known that fear reduces productivity. 

For that reason, it is important to insure the safety of your employees who work abroad. Camouflage provides your executives, employees, and contractors with peace-of-mind. Hiring protection services powerfully demonstrates your corporate commitment ​to those you employ.


Celebrity Protection

Bodyguard Services

High Profile Individuals  Camouflage Offers close, personal, and professional security for high profile film, television, music industry celebrities, and athletes.  

Our operatives are highly trained to protect them from the dangers of stalkers kidnappers, unbalanced fans, and others who would ​harm them.



Protection At Any Event

Venues include awards banquets, weddings, birthday parties, funerals, proms, bridal showers, religion events, premiers, restaurants, clubs, and filming while on location. Camouflage gives careful consideration and attention to our client’s environment and lifestyle.


Vacation & Travel

Protection Away From Home

Camouflage will travel with clients anywhere in the world. If you are planning a weekend or an extended vacation and feel that you are in the high-risk group or would be targeted when you are most vulnerable  in unfamiliar countries, Camouflage will make your trip more enjoyable by providing you with your own security expert to protect you and your family.  


Residential Security

Protection Away From Home

Wish to go on holiday for a number of weeks but are  concerned about leaving their home empty and vulnerable to intruders / squatters, We can provide security at your home 24 hrs a day until you return. If you don’t wish to pay for more than one person we can also deploy one security officer to live and stay in the home while its empty, thus maintaining an obvious presence both inside and outside by regular patrols of the property both day and night.