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Special Response Unit

Our Tactical Team

Camouflage Tactical Team is the Threat Management and Protection Special Response Unit. It consists of experienced security agents with specialized training to provide enhanced security at high threat remote locations or whenever a deployment calls for a temporary state of visibly heightened security. Our Special Response Unit is recognized by their black BDU Uniforms and overt tactical appearance.


Our agents are carefully selected from applicants who have at least five years armed security experience or qualifying prior law enforcement / military service. Prior to hiring, those selected undergo training at our subsidiary company

The basic Tactical Team training includes:

  • Advanced weapons use and tactics (handgun and long gun).
  • Advanced defensive driving class (law enforcement certified).
  • Advanced training in verbal situation de-escalation
  • Advanced self-defense training and restraint techniques.
  • Navigation and remote survival techniques.
  • Fundamentals of Executive Protection.
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques.

Contact US 

(313) 338-8005

Contact US 

(313) 338-8005