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Security and integrity of assets must be maintained throughout the supply chain to ensure business objectives are met and quality products are delivered to your consumers.

To ensure delivery of superior products to your consumers, strict controls must be in place at every point in the supply chain. Minimizing risk to your assets and logistics processes requires coordination and diligence. Camouflage Security expertise in Logistics Security uniquely qualifies us to handle your supply chain asset protection needs.

By combining the right people, processes and technology, we have developed a system of checks and balances, oversight, accountability and verification of reliability that ensures security is not compromised. As a result of this expertise, you should want Camouflage Security as your provider of choice for protection of your supply chain.

We can provide extensive expertise in:

Logistics Services


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  • Perimeter security

  • Interior security – overt and covert

  • Gate & access control

  • Measuring throughput costs

  • Site engineering

  • Emergency & crisis response

  • Yard management solutions

  • Real-time incident reporting

  • Tour tracking systems

Contact US 

(313) 338-8005